Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maya Room Design


Just a couple issues with the lighting cutting through the wall. I also need to add some ambient occlusion to the objects to ground them into the scene better.

This render was the clean one before the dusty one above. Needed to move the papers on the floor into the frame.

Need to add more papers and such to give it a jumbled look.

Here's a better angle here for you too see what's on the table.

Gotta add textures!  This was my first time modeling a detailed environment, and I had a blast.  There was still a lot I didn't really grasp about edges still.

So I'm doing the Intro to Maya class where we're making rooms. The specifications are that it must have a window, a table, a chair, and one major prop that centralizes the theme of the room. So, I decided to create the back office of an Asian restaurant on a hot summer day. It'll have that hot, heavy summer haze coming through the window. I'm pretty excited that I can finally work on something from scratch that came all from my imagination. So far, it looks just like the picture I made.