Monday, July 26, 2010

Mausoleum Design

Final Pass: I added detail to the moon, fixed up the grass, increased some of the lighting effects.

Week 4: Final output. Looks muuuch better to me. I added little flames in the fire pits, added some grass planes to add some interest to the ground, included a tree in the back, and finally added engravings to the headstone.

Week 4: First attempt at the sky. Used an HDR image. It looked really cool, but it didn't really mesh well with the time of day I was going for.

Week 3: Here is the landscape. I added the same fence pieces around the hills to add some unity. I wanted the normal mapping of the fence to pop in the moonlight. I'm going for twilight/dusk for the time of day.

Week 3: Here's the ambient occlusion render of the mausoleum with the newly created fence. I also added trimming to the building and moved the firepits lower down the stairs.

Week 2: The first design wasn't very good, so I redid the building. I added side columns, raised the roof, added a cross, and added indentions into the sides and back of the mausoleum. The planes around it are placeholders for an iron fence. The rectangle in front is the size of a person for reference.

Week 2: Added some more elements to make the silhouette more recognizable. Here's the diffuse and normal map of the mausoleum, not very happy with it though.

Week 1: So my next project in maya is an exterior scene, which I chose to do a mausoleum. Here's the original design.