Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chinese Character Ideas

My next project is going to be creating a character that fits into the Dynasty Warriors world.  Here's a few ideas I've been throwing around.

Character Description:
This is a Dynasty Warriors character.  He isn't a typical fighter though.  He relies more on cunning and carefully planned tactics.  He is a strategist that heavily relies on magic and mysticism.  He is a wanderer, but he does not have a ragged, worn down appearance.  He is very deliberate in his appearance and personality.

These are the thumbs I started with...

...and this is the character I'm ending with.  I'll have a more tied down drawing of him, but this is close to what I'm imagining.

This is the idea I had in mind for the base he'll be standing on.  There are many cupboards and drawers that hold ingredients, scrolls, potions, things he uses in his rituals and planning.