Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Virtue: Indie Speed Run

Hey guys, it's been a while! I just wanted to post some art that I did for a game jam called Indie Speed Run (http://www.indiespeedrun.com/). I was on a team of four with Bryan Bishop, Craig Sutton, and Branden Gee. The gist of the competition was that each team had 48 hours to create a game with two randomized keywords. Ours happened to be "trickery" and "berry bush". We wanted to create something non-obvious, something that was a little different and compelling. So the game we created was Virtue. In the game, you're being led through a series of trials by an omniscient being that judges your morality based on your choices. Through the games you play, you slowly learn that the being is trying to manipulate you into wrongdoing. The depiction of your morality is visually represented as a bush that morphs and grows as you progress through the game.

Danny Huynh: http://www.dannyhuynh.com/
Branden Gee: http://www.theplanningfallacy.com/
Bryan Bishop: http://www.bryan-bishop.com/
Craig Sutton: http://www.craig-sutton.com/

The omniscient being.
Good bush progression.
Bad bush progression.